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Svart nr. 3, fyrir línu 24 – 31 gr.

68.800 ISK

Gravity hjólin eru hönnuð og þróuð samhliða línum og stöngum hjá Salmologic. Notast er við G&G kerfið.

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Gravity hjól - svart


Gravity hjólin frá Salmologic eru afrakstur hönnunar Henrik Mortensen, framleidd úr hreinasta áli sem fyrirfinnst og framleidd í verksmiðjum Mercedez Benz í Þýskalandi.  


  • Litur: svart
  • Hjól nr. 3, fyrir  24 - 31 gr. línur. 



Gravity is designed to balance fly rods perfectly. With our G&G system, you can be certain that the rules of physics are in place. To us precision is must and irreplaceable – except if it’s with even higher precision! That’s why these reels are made from the cleanest possible aluminum alloy, primarily used in aerospace technology. Four sizes are matched with the lines of our range, making it easier than ever to pick the right reel. All reels have their own unique serial number and come with a two-year warranty. Good fly reel design proves itself in practice – and through hard abuse on the water. We can only recommend that you to test gravity for yourself; we know you will never regret it. The material we use for our brake system is solid stainless vanadium steel alloy, and the brake disc and pads are made of fiber armed PTFE. The running axis are hard coated in a special treatment where PTFE particles are embedded into the pores of the aluminum surface – completely sealed and waterproof. Salmologic’s reels are made according to the absolute highest standards possible. Gravity comes in “Batman Black” and Titanium. It looks sleek and aggressive on our rods with its large arbor profile. All gravity reels are recommended with our G&G system – if you know your casting weight, you also know which reel to pick. Reel specifications:

Size No. 3 line capacity 24-31 g / 370-478 gr /  reel weight: 289 g

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